"...to preserve, conserve, and study Montana's native plants
and plant communities."

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Annual Meeting Poster for 20182018 Annual MeetingPhoto of Mountain Hollyhock - Mascot Plant of 2018 Annual Meeting

Wildfires to Wildflowers

Cane Ridge West Camp

near Lincoln, Montana

June 29 - July 1, 2018

Hosted by the Clark Fork Chapter

Registration: Download Form to mail in; order online now.


Join the Montana Native Plant Society, Clark Fork Chapter for our annual meeting. We will meet just west of the Continental Divide at the headwaters of the Blackfoot River near the town of Lincoln. Alpine fellfields, forests and wetlands; it’s all here including wildflower displays following the fires of 2017.


AGENDAannual meeting graphic with mountain hollyhock
Friday June 29

2:00-6:00 Register, field trip sign-up

6:00-- Dinner hosted by Clark Fork Chapter

7:00 Board of Directors’ meeting

8:00 32 Years of Post-Fire Plant Suc­cession in Central Montana by Wayne Phillips

Saturday June 30

6:30-8:00 Breakfast

8:30-4:30 Field trips (pack a lunch)

4:00-5:30 Wayne Phillips Plant ID contest

5:30-7:00 Dinner

7:00-8:30 General Membership Mtng

8:30-- Field trip slide show

Sunday July 1

7:00-9:00 Breakfast

8:30-9:30 Committee meetings

9:00-12:00 Break camp, field trips depart


Saturday Field Trips - All day

* Indian Meadows (moderate) Visit wetlands and fens adjacent to the Scapegoat Wilderness with John Pierce. Some difficult hiking through deadfall.

* Red Mountain (difficult) Hike the ridgeline leading to the highest peak in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex with Maria Mantas to see early alpine wildflowers.

* Lewis & Clark Pass (moderate) Join Wayne Phillips for a trek through last summer’s Alice Creek fire to the Continental Divide and see low-elevation and alpine cushion plants mixed together.

* Cadotte Pass (difficult) Hike the Continental Divide from Rogers Pass to Cadotte Pass and see expansive wildflower displays and a view of the Great Plains below.

* Copper Creek Fires (easy) Join fire ecologist Jane Kapler Smith to visit three fires that burned in 2003, 2015 and 2017 as well as unburned forest and see how vegetation and wildflowers change with time since fire.

* Kleinschmidt Lake (moderate) Hike through a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service preserve to visit moist grasslands, sagebrush steppe as well as many types of small wetlands with lots of wildflowers and birds.

* Bear Creek/McDermott Trail (moderate) Hike along with Drake Barton and Joe Elliott to have a look at forest, riparian and wetland wildflowers and mosses along this gentle, diverse trail.

* Sedge identification workshop and field trip (moderate) Participate in a day-long exploration of a large wetland complex west of Lincoln and learn to identify members of Montana’s largest genus with MSU professor Matt Lavin and FWP biologist Jamie Jonkel. Bring rubber boots.


Saturday Field Trips - Half day

* Stemple Pass (moderate) Hike the meadows, fescue grasslands, ribbon forests and cushion plant communities in the proposed Granite Butte Research Natural Area, on the Continental Divide with Steve Shelly.

* Lincoln Community River Park (easy) Come help Jenny Tollefson prepare a species list for Five Valleys Land Trust on this recently established a nine-acre park on the Blackfoot River. We may also visit the variety of habitats on a nearby easement.

Sunday Morning

* Browns Lake (easy) Check out the wildflowers in the wetlands and along the shore 1 mile round trip, off Hwy 200 heading west.

* Rogers Pass South (moderate) Hike the Continental Divide on the side of Rogers Pass less travelled. 2 miles round trip, off Hwy 200 heading east.

* Sculpture in the Wild International Art Park (easy) walk through and see sculptures from Germany, Ireland, Demark, Finland, UK and the USA. 1 mile (or less) round trip, just east of Lincoln.

Lodging at Cane Ridge West: Four types of lodging are available on-site with preference given based on date of registration. 1) Two dorm style cabins with multiple bunk beds. One is handicap-accessible. There is a shower house and restroom located next to the lodge for cabins and tents. 2) Rooms in the lodge: Seven bedrooms are located on the second floor. Three are furnished with one queen bed plus one or two twin beds and the others contain bunk beds. There are two restrooms with two sinks, two toilets and two showers in each. Guests need to bring their own bedding. 3) Six RV spaces are avail­able with water and electrical hook-ups. Additional RV’s may park in the area with electricity available to a few. 4) Tent camping. There is unlimited space for tents.


Additional lodging nearby:

Three Bears Motel (362-4355)

Sportsman Motel (362-4481)

Leeper’s Motel (362-4333)

Aspen Grove F.S. Campground (6.5 mi. east of Lincoln)

Meals: Meals will be provided by the Clark Fork Chapter and catered. (Vegetarian options will be available; include number of vegetarian meals with your registration.)

Friday: After checking in, join us in the dining hall for a local brew and snacks hosted by the Clark Fork Chapter. Dinner will follow with a variety of casseroles and salad provided by Clark Fork Chapter members.
Saturday: hot and continental breakfast in camp provided by the Clark Fork chapter; lunch on your own; and din­ner (pork and turkey BBQ and sides from Notorious PIG in Missoula).
Sunday: continental breakfast by Clark Fork Chapter in camp.

Kids’ Activities at Camp

Swings, a slide and a volleyball net are available, and the Blackfoot River runs through the camp. Chaperones will be on site from 9:00 am to ca. 2:00 pm.

Getting there:
Cane Ridge West is ½ mile south of Hwy 200 on Stone-Campbell Drive. Coming from the west it is 4½ miles east of Hooper Park in Lincoln. From the east it is 1.2 miles west of the Landers Fork crossing.


Annual Meeting Photos

Click on the Caption at the bottom of the following pictures to go to a Picasa Album of photos from past annual meetings shared by generous annual meeting participants. Please enjoy the pictures and respect the talents and work of the photographers - i.e. please don't steal their work.

2017 Annual Meeting

2016 Annual Meeting

2014 Annual Meeting



2013 Annual Meeting

2013 Annual Meeting

  The Clark Fork Chapter posted pictures of the 2012 Annual Meeting on their Facebook Page.


2011 Annual Meeting

2011 Annual Meeting


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 2010 Annual Meeting

2009 Annual Meeting

2009 Annual Meeting



2008 Annual Meeting

2008 Annual Meeting



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"...to preserve, conserve, and study Montana's native plants
and plant communities."

facebook Join Now!

"...to preserve, conserve, and study Montana's native plants
and plant communities."