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The Michigan Botanical Club no longer maintains a list of North American Societies but has a nice site:

Michigan Botanical Club


Other Handy Links


Montana Natural Heritage Program

Creating Native Landscapes by the Montana NRCS

Native Plant Journal  - an eclectic forum for dispersing practical information about planting and growing native plants

Montana Conservation Voters

Plantlife International including information on the European Plant Conservation Strategy

Bridger Plants Material Center

Center for Invasive Plant Management

NRCS Plants Database

Montana Invasive Plants Data Base

TNC Invasive Species Initiative

Montana Plant Life-Flora and Identification

Center for Biological Diversity Native Plant Conservation Campaign

Wyoming Rare Plant Online Field Guide

Western Wetland Flora-Online Field Guide

Center for Plant Conservation

Missouri Botanical Garden

The Biota of North America Program

American Forests - Conservation site

Botanical Society of America

Botanical word meanings and name derivations

Internet directory for ecology

Nature Serve

Flora of North America

Floral Reflectance Data Base - FReD  

Internet Directory for Botany - Sort of an old site with lots of links to other websites organized alphabetically

Alberta Prairie Conservation Forum (mentioned in the Fall 2001 Kelseya) new address  

International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (online)

Montana Outdoors Blog - Amazing wildflower photos from the Missoula area on a private blog

International Organization for Plant Information - Current listing for a site orginally commended to MNPS members by Steve Shelly in the Kelseya, Fall 1997 issue