Kelsey Chapter

Kelseya uniflora in bloom
 Kelseya uniflora, the mascot plant of the Montana Native Plant Society, is named for its discoverer, Francis Kelsey, namesake of the Kelsey Chapter. (Peter Lesica photo)


The Kelsey Chapter serves native plant enthusiasts in the greater Helena area. Programs are held throughout the year at various locations in Helena. Watch for announcements below and in the Helena Independent Record.

For more information about Kelsey Chapter programs and events:

Kathy Lloyd (MNPS Board Representative)
503 State Street
Helena, MT 59601
(406) 449-6586(406) 449-6586 


Patrick Plantenberg

133 N. Maple Street

Townsend MT 59644 (406) 444-4960(406) 444-4960 


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Programs and Activities:

Friday, March 7 Helena….. Get Ready for Spring Landscaping Projects! A Spring Tonic is coming to Helena!

The Kelesy Chapter of the Montana Native Plant Society (MNPS) reminds everyone in the Helena area that spring is coming! The Kelsey Chapter has invited the “Spring Tonic”, Kathy Settevendemie, President of MNPS and owner of Blackfoot Native Plants Nursery in Potomac, MT, to present a program on “Landscaping with Native Plants Adapted to Helena” on March 7, 2014.

The Blackfoot Native Plants (BNP) Nursery grows over 150 species of native plants from Western Montana including hardy native grasses, shrubs, and wildflowers. They do not dig plants from the wild.

Unlike nurseries that use genetically altered cultivars of native plants, BMP propagates wild native seeds they collect and take cuttings from local sources. It is BNP’s belief that locally sourced plants are hardier and are more beneficial to their natural ecosystems than those that have been altered to enhance particular characteristics of a species.

BMP plants are grown in containers out-of-doors (not in greenhouses) at 4000’ in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 4b to ensure cold hardiness. Most plants have spent at least one winter in a pot. BNP plants thrive at high altitudes with short growing seasons where drought, cool nights, and extreme winter temperatures are common. BNP’s motto should be “If it grows at our house, it will darn well grow at yours!” To contact the nursery call (406) 880-8809  or visit their website.

The free Native Plant Landscaping program will be at the MT Wild Education Center located at Spring Meadow Lake State Park at 2668 Broadwater Ave in Helena on March 7th at 7 pm. Come see some beautiful wildflower pictures and native plant landscaping project photos and get charged up for spring! For more information please contact MNPS Secretary, Patrick Plantenberg at 431-4615.

   Chapter Projects


The Flora of Mount Helena  The Flora of Mount Helena database includes most of the nearly 300 vascular plant species found on Mount Helena. The database is maintained by the Lewis and Clark Library and updated by the Kelsey Chapter of the Montana Native Plant Society. Click here to access the database online.

The Flora of Mount Helena permanent specimen collection is housed in the Montana section at the Lewis and Clark Library in Helena. The collection is arranged alphabetically by scientific name. Nomenclature follows Dorn 1984. An index is provided that allows cross-referencing by common name and common family name. Click here for a pdf file of the species list.

The Flora of Mount Helena collection is a joint project of the Kelsey Chapter of the Montana Native Plant Society and the Lewis and Clark Library. The Kelsey Chapter formally donated the specimen collection to the Lewis and Clark Library in 1999.

For more information about the collection or to make suggestions, call the Montana Native Plant Society at 406-449-6586406-449-6586 .