The Montana Native Plant Society is active at the chapter & state levels. Check our field trips page, or individual chapter listings. Our activities include:

MNPS member pulls Dyer's woad at an event


   Field trips - MNPS chapters sponsor field trips throughout the state that are led by botanists and naturalists. Our trips range from short nature walks near your home to all day hikes in the mountains.


   Informative programs - Our chapters host presentations by native plant experts on all subjects of interest to native plant lovers.

   Native plant sales - The Clark Fork Chapter holds a native plant sale at the Farmer's Market in Missoula features flowers grown from seed by chapter members.

   Educational outreach - In the Flathead Valley, our members teach native plant identification and the value of native plants to fifth graders at the annual Flathead Forestry Expo.

   Weed-pulling projects - Our members participate in weed pulling projects that help to save native plant communities, such as the Annual Purple Loosestrife Pull at Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge in the Mission Valley, and the Annual Dyer's Woad Pull on Mt. Sentinel in Missoula.

   Participation in public land decisions - Local chapters are often involved in local land management issues related to conservation of native plants. Our chapters have also been active in listing rare plant species under the Endangered Species Act.

   Endangered species protection - Our members constructed fences to keep cattle out of habitat occupied by the threatened plant, water howellia (Howellia aquatilis). This project was completed in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, Plum Creek Timber Co., The Garden Club of America, and Mary Gray's Water Howellia Chocolates.

   Lakeshore restoration - Our members are actively restoring an area along Flathead Lake to a native plant community.

   Establishment of local herbaria - We support the establishment of local herbaria as learning tools and research institutions, both financially and with volunteer help.

   Funding for native plant projects - Our organization awards small grants to various projects that promote the preservation of native plants. Past projects include: construction of native plant gardens at schools, funding research on huckleberries, supporting the study of microbiotic soil crusts, and creating a native plant curriculum for grades three through five.

   Other activities include - Native plant identification and plant photography workshops, plant photo displays, publications such as newspaper articles and native plant source guides, and information on landscaping with Montana native plants.