"...to preserve, conserve, and study Montana's native plants
and plant communities."

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Membership in the Montana Native Plant Society

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About Joining or Renewing

You can join MNPS or renew your membership online through our PayPal account. Go to the bottom of this page and fill out the electronic form and then click through to pay securely online. If you choose, you can still print out a membership form and mail it in with a check or money order or wait for the membership renewal card that comes in January. Joining or renewing your membership online is easy and convenient.

Need to change your membership address?

Please let us know if your physical or email address for receiving MNPS correspondence has changed by notifying our membership chair, Cathie Jean by Email or by sending a note to MNPS Membership, P.O. Box 8783, Missoula MT 59802.


Benefits of Membership   

  • The Montana Native Plant Society links academic, land management professionals, natural resource experts, independent scientists, horticulturalists, and other professionals and amateurs who share an interest in Montana's native plants.

  • Society membership supports your interest and knowledge, which can be shared and expanded through association with other members.

  • Society membership offers professional association, communication, and networking opportunities for working botanists and those working in allied fields.

  • Society membership offers myriad opportunities for expanding the individual knowledge of anyone interested in Montana's native plants.

  • MNPS is the premier independent organization in the state working on plant conservation issues.

  • All members receive the quarterly MNPS newsletter, Kelseya, filled with timely scientific articles and organizational news, as well as a yearly field trip booklet.

  • Membership is fun and rewarding... why would you read this and not take the next step and join!

Membership Details - How to Join or Renew Your Membership 

Membership in the Montana Native Plant Society is on a calendar year basis, March 1 through the end of February the following year. New member applications processed before the end of October will expire the following February. Those processed after the first of November will expire in February of the year after.

You may join or renew as an individual, as a family, as a business or organization, or with a discount as an individual living lightly. You may join or renew in affiliation with a local chapter in Montana or as an at large member. The society welcomes any and all who wish to join us. If you do not live in close proximity to a local chapter, at large membership may be an attractive option for you. If you live in the area of a local chapter, linking with it will expand your opportunities to participate actively in its programs and activities. You may also wish to be the sparkplug who organizes a local chapter where one does not now exist. Choices regarding  membership options, dues (with one exception), and chapter affiliations are included on the application form, whether the PayPal online form or the .pdf file linked from this page. The one exception on dues is that the paper form allows multiple year dues payments, which the online form cannot do, so please print out and send in the paper form if you wish to pay dues for multiple years.

You have 2 ways to join or renew:

  1. Print and mail:   Click Here for a .pdf Application Form, print and fill out the form. After completing this form, mail it with a check or money order for your dues to: Montana Native Plant Society, PO Box 8783, Missoula, MT 59807-8783.
  2. Or, you may join or renew online by filling in the information on the form below and using your credit card or PayPal account to remit your dues by clicking on the "Buy Now" button. Please note that you can still pay by credit card without a PayPal account - just look at the bottom of the box asking for your PayPal account information to click through to the credit card payment page. Please be sure to look carefully at the membership type and chapter affiliation parts of your registration. If you do not make a selection, it will default to the first choice, which may not reflect your wishes. Also note that the online form does not now support inclusion of multiple year memberships or simultaneous donations. If you want to help the society out in that way, please use the print and mail in option 1. Thanks.


Membership Level
Chapter Affiliation
Newsletter Format

Please note that memberships are processed quarterly; your new membership will be welcomed and acknowledged by e-mail and you will receive the most current electronic issue of the Kelseya

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"...to preserve, conserve, and study Montana's native plants
and plant communities."

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"...to preserve, conserve, and study Montana's native plants
and plant communities."