Montana Plant Conservation Conference


Sponsored by the Montana Native Plant Society &

the Montana Natural Heritage Program

February 9 and 10, 2016

University of Montana, Missoula

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Please mark your calendar for the 9th Montana Plant Conservation Conference happening on February 9-10, 2016 at the University of Montana in Missoula. The Registration Form (see page 2) has information on the registration cost, lodging ideas, lunch on your own ideas, and information about parking options. This is worth checking out even if you plan to use the online registration option.

Montana’s biennial Plant Conservation Conference treats emerging issues in applied botany for managers, scientists, students, and plant enthusiasts. 

Join speakers from Brigham Young University, University of Montana, U.S. Forest Service, and others as we explore,

      “How Can Genetics Contribute to Plant Conservation?”

This conference will examine how plant genetics interacts with conservation, restoration, taxonomy, and management for terrestrial and aquatic plants. The conference is hosted by the Montana Native Plant Society and Montana Natural Heritage Program and sponsored by the U.S. Forest Service and Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Montana.

Here is a link to the Conference Proceedings.

Conference Agenda

Tuesday February 9th

9:00-10:20 Genetics in Conservation: A Primer and Beyond Fred Allendorf, University of Montana
10:20-10:40 break
10:40-11:20 Genetics and Rare Plant Conservation Loreen Allphin, Brigham Young University
11:20-11:50 Why All the Name Changes? The Role of Genetics in Plant Taxonomy Matt Lavin, Montana State University

11:50-1:00 LUNCH (on your own)

1:00-1:50 Facilitating Whitebark Pine Restoration with Genetics Mary Francis Mahalovich, U.S. Forest Service
1:50-2:20 Choosing Molecular Markers for Botrychium Taxonomy Valerie Hipkins, U.S. Forest Service
2:20-2:50 Does Claytonia flava Deserve Conservation Status?
Steve Shelly, U. S. Forest Service
2:50-3:10 break
3:10-3:40 Evolutionary Significant Units for Spalding’s Catchfly Peter Lesica, Conservation Biology Research
3:40-4:10 Using Genetics and Environmental (e)DNA to Detect Aquatic Invasive Plants
Gordon Luikart, University of Montana
4:10-4:40 Using Molecular Tools to Understand Larch Hybrids Lila Fishman, University of Montana

Wednesday February 10th

8:00-10:00 Important Plant Area nominations
10:00-10:20 break
10:20- 12:00 Montana Species of Concern (SOC) list review (Montana Natural Heritage Program)
12:00-1:00 LUNCH (on your own)
1:00-3:00 Montana SOC list review (continued)

Here is a link to a printable (pdf) version of the 2016 Conference Agenda

Here is a link to the 2014 Conference Proceedings.


" preserve, conserve, and study Montana's native plants and plant communities."

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" preserve, conserve, and study Montana's native plants and plant communities."

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