Summer Field Trips


MNPS Field Trip Guidelines

Often led by professional ecologists, botanists, and natural scientists, these fabulous Montana field trips offer enriching and fun opportunities to get out and explore Montana's abundant beauty.

Always call the listed trip leader for the most current information.This information is extracted from our printed guide, prepared in early spring, and may not anticipate the many changes that may occur throughout the summer due to weather, fires, or other unforeseen events.

The trips vary from easy to difficult. Please read each description and contact the trip leader with your questions to insure the trip meets your expectations, physical abilities and circumstances.

Please leave dogs and firearms at home in fairness to other participants and wildlife.

Some field trips have size limits. If the leader requests that you call to reserve a spot, call again if you must cancel.

Some trips are more child-friendly than others.Check with your trip leader.

Be prepared for Montana's instantaneous weather changes.Wear appropriate clothes and shoes. Bring food, water, extra clothes, rain gear, sunscreen, insect repellent, sunglasses, hat, and any other personal gear you might need. Room permitting, bring your favorite field guides and a notebook for recording species you see.

If you have a health condition, including allergies, that could affect you during the field trip, tell the trip leader and carry necessary medications.

Be aware of wildlife you might encounter and know how to behave to avoid conflicts.You may encounter bear, deer, elk, moose, snakes, mountain lions, bees, and other species.

The MNPS assumes no liability for personal injury or loss of property on MNPS-sponsored field trips. Each participant may be required to sign an attendance sheet and liability waiver before starting the field trip.

2014 Field Trips (click for full listing) (PDF File)
Please also check chapter pages for updates.

Here is another activity that did not make it into the printed guide:

Saturdays, 6/15, 6/22 and 6/29 -- Pryor Mountains Weed Campaign

Times TBA. We need your help pulling spotted knapweed and houndstongue, noxious weeds that are crowding out native vegetation and wildflowers and overwhelming wildlife habitat in the Pryor Mountains. The seeds of these invaders spread by hitching a ride on clothing, animal fur and vehicles to threaten other natural and agricultural areas. Locations for weed pulls are:

6/15 Sage Creek Campground and Ranger Cabin

6/22 Crooked Creek Road

6/29 Burnt Timber Ridge Road

Pryor Mountain weed pulls are a joint effort of The Pryor Mountain Weed Campaign, The Pryors' Coalition, Billings Bureau of Land Management, Beartooth Ranger DIstrict-Custer National Forest, Carbon County Weed District, Yellowstone County Weed District, and Eastern Wildlands Chapter-Montana Wilderness Association. See also; click on 2013 Wilderness Walks. Info and to sign up: Susan Newell at 656-9064, (6/15 and 6/29); or Bernie Quetchenbach at 248-1028, (6/22).